Wise Traditions 2023

This year’s Wise Traditions conference was significantly family oriented – even more so than in previous years. I was really encouraged to see many young parents and small children learning about dental care, homesteading, using plants as medicine, homeopathy, GAPS, sourcing local food and standing up for their convictions and rights. My passion in recent years has become to empower parents to take charge of their families’ health with confidence and wisdom, and I saw a similar heart behind the theme of this year’s conference.

Because the main-stream world is increasingly toxic and continually resisting against families that are focused on health freedom and critical thinking, the conversations that arise at natural health conferences can tend to revolve around anger, fear and despair. However, at this conference I felt a sense of empowerment and motivation to heal and facilitate change rather than wallowing in fruitless venting about the state of the world in recent years. 

It seems that now, more than I’ve ever seen, parents are taking action to heal their families holistically, to raise and grow their own food, and to have community and peace while doing so. The conference was filled with joy, laughter and the applauding of individuals who are standing up to make a change for their families and their communities. 

I feel excited and hopeful for the health of future generations. There are so many passionate and brilliant people fighting for the health of our kids. In the courts, in farms, in families, in businesses, we are seeing truth prevail and healing take place. 

Now it is up to all of us to take advantage of the laws being passed. Let’s support our farmers, let’s buy local, let’s teach our children that we are not victims of germs and politics, but that we can take control of our own health, we can eat well, be joyful, live in community, and take a stand for truth.

By the way, this is what we strive to do at Be Well Clinic. If you need help taking control of your health, eating well, living in joy rather than fear, finding community and learning the truth about health, make sure you are on our email list and follow us on social media and on youtube! We’d love to help you in your pursuit to live well! 


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