Wise Traditions 2023

Let’s talk about Wise Traditions! The conference this year was a great experience. The food was even more abundant than usual, the speakers were engaging and informative, and it was great to connect with Hollie and others that attended. Hollie and I wanted to give you a little taste of our experiences. If you have not read her blog, make sure to check it out here. 

When I attend Wise Traditions, I have a few goals (not necessarily in any order). One, I want to enjoy the food: the nourishment that good food (that has been prepared for me) and happy company brings. Two, I want to connect with whomever I’m supposed to… God always brings old or new friends into my path (and out of 1,400 people, that’s saying something!). And three, I want to learn things! 

For me, the sessions I attend fall into two categories. Primarily, I first look at ones that make sense for learning things I need to know to help families and patients. And I enjoy these, because I love learning and am happy to have more tools to pass on to you all. But, I also love attending sessions about extra things: farming, herbs, and homeopathics. These things, of course, come into the bigger picture of things I need to know, but are not always the most immediate need. And this year I was able to listen to talk from all of these categories… and they were amazing! The conferences are recorded, and you can purchase the sessions to be able to listen to. We will also be sharing some of the things we learned in topic specific articles here on the blog, so keep checking back in! 

There are so many things to share, but I think the best one to write about today is Dr. Natasha speaking on GAPS. She spoke the first day and the last day, teaching two sessions on the basics of GAPS and one on vegetarianism. I almost always listen to her talks… I always pick up tidbits, reminders, and often hear things in a different way that allows me to make a new connection. 

This year, there were quite a few new ideas. She is still very connected to patients through her practitioners, allowing her to stay up-to-date with the changing world. Therefore she is also observing the effects that increased toxins and nutritional deficiencies are having on people, and shifting her recommendations to accommodate the increased level of support needed. And her primary emphasis was a higher focus on supporting the microbiome. She recommended increasing the time babies are breastfed (at least once a day for a minimum of 3 years) to help the microbiome and immune system while the child is developing. She connected hormone imbalances and the gut, and again emphasized that the reason food is so important is because it has the most important influence on the microbial community within the gut, where most hormones are produced and used. And in her talk on vegetarianism, she expounded on how difficult it was for our bodies to digest plants: impossible, actually, without the help of microbes. This is why we need good gut flora, and why it’s so beneficial to eat fermented (pre-digested) vegetables. It was great to hear her speak, and to get to spend a little in personal conversation with her as well.

The Wise Traditions conference happens every year! Next year it is in Orlando, Florida. It will take place October 25-27th in 2024. I’d encourage you to put it on your calender, and attend next year. I hope you can make it! Learn more about it at wisetraditions.org


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