What to Expect at a Holistic Well Child Visit

One of my favorite holistic healthcare services that we offer for Northern Colorado families at Be Well Clinic is the Well Child Visit. We see children of all ages, from newborns to 18 years old. A Well Child visit is different from a Sick Visit because it’s a routine checkup. We believe children are fundamentally well, and their bodies are constantly striving to be well if they are given the right foods and environment. Unless there is cause for concern or something that we are working on together, you may find that Be Well Clinic well child visits are further apart than the typical schedule. We trust you as a parent to let us know if something is not seeing right with your child’s growth and development.

We’ll spend time at the beginning of our appointment going through any concerns you have, any symptoms you’re noticing, or anything else you’d like to discuss about your child. Then we assess the child while playing games, asking them questions like “Where is your heart?” and generally involving them in the visit. Keeping it fun and light is important!

We try to educate children on their own health at a level that’s appropriate to their age. For young children for example, it might be simply sharing about the good guys in their tummy and what they do. For older children, we might discuss more about concerns they have about their bodies or health. We’re always working to partner you with your child while working toward health goals (like healthy eating) so you as the parent don’t have to be fighting with your child all the time.

We do all the normal things at a Well Child Visit a typical pediatrician would do, like checking your child’s height, weight, and head circumference and vital signs. We check their reflexes, heart and lungs, and may even test their vision to make sure they are on the path to maximum wellness. Also during our Well Child visit, we’ll talk with you about what your child’s diet typically looks like and what other nutrient rich foods they might benefit from.

We believe colds and illnesses are a natural part of life. We focus on supporting the immune system of your child, not living in fear of germs and exposure. We believe a child’s body is capable of fighting infections and maintaining wellness, often without the regular use of pharmaceuticals. If your child is really sick, we also offer sick child visits to help them get back to feeling well.

A Well Child appointment at our Northern Colorado clinic is typically 45 minutes long. We keep appointments longer because we want to make sure we have plenty of time to discuss all of your concerns. It’s important to us that you, as a parent, are heard and included as the important member of your child’s health care team that you are. We believe you have valuable information that can help with a diagnosis or give insight into their health and well-being. Mom’s instinct is no joke! You know your child best and we respect that. Having an open dialogue with you and not rushing through the appointment gives us the time to establish a deeper relationship.

We also believe in collaboration with other health care professionals, like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and more to figure out the puzzle for what your child needs to be fully well. Support from us is a long-term deal after a well child visit. We’re not a one and done practitioner. We seek to create a long term relationship with you and your family. You can even join the Be Well Families Facebook group, a community of like minded people sharing their knowledge and past experiences and asking questions to help their families on the journey of wellness.

Be Well Clinic is a cash clinic, and does not accept any insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare. However, we welcome and see everyone! You can pay using your HSA or flex spending card, as well as cash, check or charge. Payment is due at the time of service.

A Well Child Visit is a chance to really look at your child and check for their health status. Schedule your natural, holistic Well Child visit by clicking the appointment button to the left, by clicking here, or by calling 970-218-8273.

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