The Goals of a Nutritional Counseling Appointment with Be Well Clinic

A Nutritional Counseling Appointment with us can help with general nutritional advice wherever you are in life or we can offer specialized advice and help with healing a leaky gut, exploring the root cause of your health symptoms, individualized GAPS diet advice from a certified GAPS Practitioner, or with individualized family wellness plans.

When you come into our clinic in Loveland, Colorado, for your appointment, you may notice that it feels a little different than normal doctor’s offices. We’re not concerned with just getting you in and out of the office quickly. Our holistic healthcare practice is about more than identifying what’s wrong on the surface and giving you the quickest and easiest solution.

We believe that you know your body best! Your intuition, innate body knowledge, and experience with living your own journey is a key tool in helping find the root cause of your health problems. You are an immeasurably valuable member of your healthcare team! The first part of your nutritional counseling appointment will be spent as an in-depth discussion about your health journey. During this discussion, we’ll go over your past health history and any major positive or negative events in your health timeline. Using what we know about the body, we try to identify and explain what is going on. We work to help you make connections with what’s happening in your body.

Once we’ve identified the root causes of your health problems, we work together to create a plan to make your health improvements at a pace and in a lifestyle that you’re comfortable with. The goal of an appointment is to get you on the path to wellness! It does no one any good to create a plan that you know you doesn’t work for your life or your family.  Together, we’ll find the right Goldilocks plan for you – not too complicated, not too simple, not too fast, and not too slow.

Just because we’ve created the right plan for you at your nutritional counseling appointment doesn’t mean we’re done working together! We want to create a long lasting, on-going relationship with our patients to fully support them on their path to wellness. A journey of health is a lifelong journey, not something that’s cured in a thirty minute visit. We believe it’s essential that you have the follow-up care you need to feel fully supported by not smothered. This is your journey and you should be free to take it as it ebbs and flows. But you should also know that you’re not alone in this! Everyone needs support sometimes and asking for help or advice is encouraged. We offer flexible follow up options, like follow up in-person meetings, or even phone and Skype calls to make sure you get just what you need. At different times, you might find yourself needing different things and find that you might need more or less support than you did before. That’s ok! We’ll tailor our support options to make sure that you’re never smothered or lost, but find just the right amount of support as part of our on-going relationship.

Be Well Clinic is a cash clinic, and does not accept any insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare. You can pay using your HSA or flex spending card, as well as cash, check or charge. Payment is due at the time of service.

A Nutritional Counseling Appointment is your opportunity to create a plan that works for you. Schedule your natural, holistic nutritional appointment by clicking the appointment button to the left, by clicking here, or by calling 970-218-8273.

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