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Baked Beans Made with Sprouted Navy Beans

Baked beans are a summer staple! But traditional canned beans are full of sugar and can have MSG. They can also cause flatulence because they are not sprouted. These baked beans are sprouted for maximum nutrition. This recipe also uses real ingredients for a full flavor baked bean! Unlike traditional baked beans, there’s no processed …

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Roasted Fermented Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are like any seed (or bean or nut.) They should be properly prepared before consuming to neutralize the acid and make them easier to digest. Sprouting your seeds is essentially germinating. Germination changes the chemical structure of the seeds, chemically changing it from a closed off protector of the treasure inside to an …

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Why Soak Grains? {Video}

Ever wondered about recommendations like “soaking,” “sprouting,” “fermenting,” or “properly preparing” your nuts or grains? Ever wondered what that meant, or why it’s better? I did! In fact, when I first heard about “sprouted bread,” I thought it was made-up. But there are real reasons why eating properly prepared seeds is better for your body. …

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