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Butternut Squash GAPS Pancakes Recipe

This recipe was adapted from the GAPS Pancake Recipe in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by Dr. Natasha Campbell. Makes 3 Pancakes. GAPS Legal Pancakes Ingredients 1/2 c. cooked Butternut Squash 3 Farm Fresh Eggs Fat such as lard, butter or sour cream Salt Toppings such as date syrup or cinnamon Food Processor or Blender …

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Making the Vegetable Medley

One of the most important ferments in the GAPS™ diet is the vegetable medley. You can find this recipe in Dr. Natasha Cambell-McBride’s book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Her recipe is for a bowl ferment, but you can also make it in a jar, which is how I prefer to make it. And this is …

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GAPS Milkshake

Our recipe this week is a simple, but powerful one! It is called the GAPS™ milkshake, and it packs a powerful punch! This delicious, satisfying and helpful beverage is a wonderful way to daily consume your freshly-pressed juices, and can even be a meal. The GAPS™ milkshake is mix of juice, protein, and fat. Because …

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Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass is a liver tonic. Anyone can make this simple fermented drink! It requires only a few ingredients, and only a few minutes to “put up.” Want to learn how? Good! But first, some definitions: Kvass: beverage “Put up” a ferment: combine ingredients and set it aside to let it ferment Sea Salt: unrefined …

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