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Gluten Free Noodle Alternatives

Years ago, it was quite unheard of to have a noodle alternative. But recently, allergies to gluten have allowed many traditional flour noodle alternatives to appear. Large flat noodles can be replaced by cabbage, zucchini or yellow squash slices, or eggplant. Rice can be replaced by cauliflower. Long, skinny noodles can be replaced by zucchini …

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How to Make Beef Stock

We use a lot of chicken stock around here but that doesn’t mean it’s superior to other kinds of stock. We’ve recently been working on adding soup recipes that are especially delicious with beef stock. Whatever meat you use, remember it should be 80% meat and 20% bone with a joint. Depending on your cut, …

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15 Minute Meal: Chicken & Alfredo Sauce, Two Ways

Alfredo Sauce used to be my favorite growing up but it often gave me a stomach-ache. I learned that was caused by a dairy intolerance and so I stopped eating it for many years. Now that I’ve healed my gut using the GAPS Protocol, I can freely enjoy dairy and alfredo sauce again! Alfredo is …

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Easy Jambalaya

I know from personal experience that eating soups for most or all meals can become routine and unappealing. So I have been looking for soup recipes with unique tastes or flavor profiles to shake things up. I’ve never really had traditionally made jambalaya so I’m not sure how well this stacks up but it is …

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A Simple Cabbage Soup Recipe

I love this cabbage soup. Maybe it’s because of my German roots. Cabbage is good for stimulating hydrochloric acid production in your stomach. This is an important first step of food digestion. If your stomach pH is greater than 3 (meaning less acidic) the enzymes that we use to digest protein don’t even get turned …

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