What is a healthy fat?

In our practice, we recommend eating a lot of healthy fats. Read on for what healthy fats are and scroll down to the bottom to see more resources about fat. When we are talking about healthy fats within our clinic and on this blog, we are talking about saturated fat, primarily from animal sources. This …

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Eating More Fat

These are only some of the signs that your body does not have enough of the right kind of fats. Did you know that women should be 28% made up of fats? Men should be about 18% fat. 60% of our fat needs to be constantly replaced. This is why it is important to have fats in our diets throughout the day, every day.

GAPS Milkshake

Our recipe this week is a simple, but powerful one! It is called the GAPS™ milkshake, and it packs a powerful punch! This delicious, satisfying and helpful beverage is a wonderful way to daily consume your freshly-pressed juices, and can even be a meal. The GAPS™ milkshake is mix of juice, protein, and fat. Because …

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