Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches are not normal. They are a common symptom in pregnancy, but this does not mean they are normal or should be expected. A diet emphasizing nutrients to support the brain, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and gut are necessary in pregnancy anyway, but even more so when it comes to preventing and relieving headaches. My hope for this article is that rather than simply shutting up your body with Tylenol, you are able to see your body’s symptoms as cries for help and know how to respond accordingly.

GAPS Friendly Homemade Yogurt

Let’s make yogurt! Around here we are very into fermented and cultured foods. Not only are they delicious but they are so full of probiotics, vitamins and minerals that are easy for our bodies to utilize!  Fermented and cultured foods can seem intimidating to those who have not made them, but once you’ve started in …

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Can I do GAPS while pregnant?

When I first began my deep-dive into the world of GAPS (Gut and Physiology Syndrome) several years ago, I would have said a resounding “no” to the question of working through GAPS while pregnant. There is some merit to this. The reasoning behind this mindset is that GAPS is a powerful protocol marked by detoxification and healing. While the healing aspect could be priceless for both the mother and the unborn child, the detox could potentially be dangerous for the baby.

How to Make Beef Stock

We use a lot of chicken stock around here but that doesn’t mean it’s superior to other kinds of stock. We’ve recently been working on adding soup recipes that are especially delicious with beef stock. Whatever meat you use, remember it should be 80% meat and 20% bone with a joint. Depending on your cut, …

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How to Make Sauerkraut – DIY Sauerkraut

Fermented cabbage is very high in vitamin C which is essential for healing a leaky gut. Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and immune boosting. While good quality sauerkraut can be obtained in most stores now, I still prefer to make my own as I think it tastes the best. I put a lot of love and …

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Making Whey

Easy Do-It-Yourself Whey from Yogurt Whey is the other protein in milk aside from casein. It’s only present after milk products have been cultured and it’s a live food. This liquid is teeming with good lactic acid producing bacteria (LABs.) Whey is a basic to keep on hand because it can be used to ferment …

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Bring to a boil

Chicken Stock Recipe

Meat stock is a pillar in healing a leaky gut but this rich food is beneficial to anyone. It provides large amounts of the immune system’s favorite foods, is very easy to digest, and is a great base to modify for other healing and nutritious recipes.   Meat stock is meant to be a meal …

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