Sick? When to Contact me!

Oh no! You’re sick!
Here’s when you should call in a
holistic healthcare professional, like me!

One of my goals in life is to empower you to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones when faced with a health concern: whether that be an cold, or a new surfacing of allergies.

But each one of us has different life experiences, a different knowledge base, and different comfort measures.

When you feel that you are “coming down with something,” or even feeling run down, take that opportunity to focus in on rest, good food, and maybe some extra boosts like essential oils or herbs. If you take a day off to rest when you are just starting to feel poorly, you will most likely be able to return to everyday life quicker than if you keep going until you are too sick to function anymore. This will not always work, but it often does.

Early is the perfect time to call me! Most of the time, my recommendations for natural remedies are all the support your body needs to recover—no pharmaceuticals needed. But in the few times that prescription medications have been needed for patients. Most of those were cases when the person didn’t call me until they were very sick and had been so for several days. Natural remedies work best when they are administered early and when there is time to find the right remedy (we’ll talk more about this in another post).

That being said, I hope that you won’t need me every time you get sick! One of my desires is to bring back the lost knowledge of nursing your body back to health (hopefully without medical intervention). I want you to have enough knowledge and resources so you can help yourself or a loved one through an illness in strength, and with relative ease. One way to learn more is by working with me through a cold or two. Most illness support is the same, no matter what the specifics of the illness are. After you successfully walk though one or two illnesses, your knowledge and confidence will grow!

Whether you are new at natural support for illness, or if you are fairly comfortable with supporting the body through illness, the time to call me is as soon as you are feeling out of your depth. I am here for you as soon as you feel at a loss of what to do, or would just like a second pair of eyes on it.

No matter what you know, when you or one of your children is sick, sometimes you just need someone else to remind you what to do. Even I ask for help and reminders from friends and other practitioners when I am sick. It’s always better to be in community!

You have the tools to help your family through most experiences of illness. And I want to be one of the resources in your toolbox.

So when you are sick, call me! I’m happy to help.


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