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My Daily Insights: A GAPS Journal (365 Days)

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My Daily Insights: A GAPS Journal is an undated journal that provides just what you need to figure out relationships between food and symptoms. It provides a streamlined approach to track each and every detail that you should monitor while on your health journey. Whether you are healing on your own, or working with a practitioner, this journal is an invaluable tool. On each page you will note your daily symptoms, record your food intake, check off your completed tasks, and take a minute to encourage your heart so you can continue on the journey you have chosen. Each week you take a little more time on a weekly check-in page to record your progress and observations in a little more detail. This journal can be started at any time-you write in your dates. When you're done, look for a new journal (published near the end of each year).

We do not ship our books or journals internationally. However, if you’re in Australia, our GAPS books are available for purchase at GAPS.Australia!

A Testimonial from an Actual Journal User:

In addition to helping me keep track of the GAPS diet and protocol, the journal's inspirational quotes every day are some of the best journal prompts I've ever read. Healing for body, mind and spirit!
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