Types of Appointments

Part of our mission at Be Well Clinic is to provide individual education and while providing health care. During any appointment, our practitioners will teach you what your body is saying about nutritional deficiencies, toxicity symptoms and more. We offer several different types of appointments, depending on what’s required for each individual situation. Established patients have access to a sick line that can be accessed during office hours.

All our GAPS support is virtual and can be accessed no matter where you are. If you have questions about what appointment type to make, please schedule a free 15 minute inquiry call to help you choose.

Here are the appointment types we offer:

We offer well physicals that include sports, work and school physicals. This is also the best way to establish care with our practice if you or your child are already well. You will spend 45 minutes with one of our practitioners discussing your health, history, and nutritional practices to keep your body healthy and strong, as well as any small and simple health concerns. If we find more complex issues need to be discussed, we will be glad to schedule additional consultation time.

45-minute physical appointments: $150*

As with all appointments, an additional $10 fee will be collected at the time of the initial visit to cover administrative time.

*$50 for extra paperwork – certain forms do not apply. Please contact the office with questions.

Our Well Child Visits are intended to set your child up for success and continued health and to improve slight deviations from health. If a more complicated plan needs to be made, we are happy to do that, but if we run over our allotted 45 minutes of time, additional time will need to be scheduled and charged.

If you are scheduling appointments for more than one child, we can help! Call our office for more scheduling options.

When your child is sick we want to provide you with the best support possible. You can do so much to support your sick child at home, but we are here for you when you feel out of your depth.

Sick visits vary in time and cost, and depend on the complaint. Same-day appointments may be available. If the schedule is full, call us! We will do our best to get you the help and support you need as soon as possible.

In some cases you may prefer to speak with us on the phone instead. We offer general sick calls to help support our established patients. Once you are established, you will be able to access the sick line through your secure account. As a reminder, the sick line corresponds with regular office hours.**

In-office sick visits:

  • 15 Minutes – $30
  • 30 Minutes – $60
  • 60 Minutes – $120

Sick calls:

  • $2 / minute

**Must be an established patient to schedule a sick appointment or call. If health questions are too complicated or numerous to be answered over the phone or by email, an in-office visit may be necessary. This is left to the provider’s discretion in order to provide you with the best and safest care and support.

Start your newborn off with our practice and stay established all year with our First Year of Life Well-Care Plan.The first year of your child’s life is very exciting, but it also comes with many challenges and concerns. We designed this comprehensive plan to give you the best support system possible and to set your child up for a life of wellness. This bundle of appointments includes Well Visits with Amy, a Nuerosensorimotor Reflex Integration Evaluation with one of our referring practitioners and Nutritional Consultations with Hollie.

Our first year of care is specifically designed to support you and your baby at important milestones of growth, both physical and emotional. These appointments are also required to maintain a current status as a primary care patient at Be Well Clinic.

Complete care from birth to 1 year: $997

Please call the office at (970) 218-8273 to set up the First Year or Life Well-Care Plan.

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