Reflections on GAPS OnCon 2024

This month our clinic participated in a big way in GAPS OnCon! Amy and I both presented and hosted live Q&As, and many patients of Be Well Clinic were in attendance. I always love reconnecting in this way with the GAPS community around the world. I walked away with several impressions that I would like to share. 

First of all, we are part of a global community of individuals who are taking charge of their own health, with courage and determination. What a beautiful community in which to be involved. Regardless of whether you are a GAPS professional, if you’ve been engaging with GAPS for years or if you’re brand new, we can all learn from each other and motivate each other in our quests for health, so please don’t be too shy to share your wisdom and encouragement to those around you – especially with those of us at Be Well Clinic! 

Second, I am thrilled that so many parents attended my talk and are passionate about taking responsibility for the health of their families – learning and implementing foods and other therapies that both heal and set their kids up for physical and mental health. We talked about how to determine when you can care for symptoms at home vs when the emergency department is appropriate, how to understand what symptoms are saying and then how to provide what the body needs depending on what it is communicating through the symptoms! I got very practical, going through the remedies that I always make sure I have on hand for my own kids! We had a lively Q&A discussion afterward, and many moms have since reached out for additional support! 

Finally, I gleaned much wisdom from the other speakers! I was reminded about how powerful honey can be for irritated and rashy skin. I appreciated the statistics and research on circadian rhythms, and the discussion about how our bodies can benefit so much from regular routines of sunlight exposure, meal times and bedtimes. Amy’s Q&A was a wonderful discussion of family dynamics – how to address family members who are not in agreement with our decisions for our own families, or even how grandparents can appropriately address unhealthy behaviors in their grandchildren! I really enjoyed the dental discussions as well, especially the talks about proper facial structure which affects digestion, hormones and more, as well as the very practical dental advice for children, as this is a topic that I find to be often overlooked in healthcare. 

I feel very blessed and honored to have been a speaker at GAPS OnCon, sharing what I have learned both professionally and personally in hopes of encouraging other parents to confidently and capably take charge of their families’ health. 

You can still watch the replays of GAPS OnCon 2024 until March 2nd and learn more about it by clicking here!

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