Real Hope (Jesus)

Many days I do not have the strength to believe that tomorrow will be better.

Many days I do not posses the ability to believe that hope is something available to me.

And, to be honest, there ultimately is no hope without the hope that God gave us in Jesus.

Because the ultimate source of hope is found in Jesus–any other hope is only a shadow or echo of the hope that was made available to us when Jesus died on the cross, paying for our sins, allowing us to be made right with God again.

Without this gift of hope, all other hope is empty and short-lived. Even if our life is awesome here on earth, without an opportunity to be reconciled with God, the awesomeness ends when we die, and we are faced with an eternity alone and without God, which means without anything good. This life is the best it will ever get. Wow, there really is not much hope in that.

However, there is a hope. God did make a way for us to reconcile with Him.

And when that gift is accepted, there is a hope that is beyond circumstances, feelings, hormones, neurotransmitters, toxins, exhaustion, or anything else that life tosses at us.

The hope that Jesus offers is strong enough to bring light into your dark cell, when you don’t even believe light exists anymore. And it is real. I would be dishonest to tell you to hope if I did not tell you what real hope was.

If you want to talk to me more about this, please contact me. I would love to share the one sturdy foothold I have–the only one that never moves or fails me, as the world, my health, my emotions, and everything else shifts around me! Do you have a hope like this?

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