How to Drain Your Lymph System

This is a technique we recommend when you are having congestion that’s not resolving and a stuffy head. This is a simple technique that you can help small children with as well.

You can follow the techniques described below or watch the YouTube video at the bottom.

Step One:

Place one hand on your back with the back of your hand touching and your palm out. It doesn’t matter which hand. Place your second hand over your belly button. Stay in this position for about ten minutes. You can sit, stand, or lay down while you do this.

Step Two:

After ten minutes, move your front hand to your pericardium or over the middle of your sternum. Stay in this position for about ten minutes. Your back hand should stay where it is on your back. If you need to, you can switch your hands to be more comfortable.

Step Three:

Move your hand to either your neck or your back. Where you move will depend on how you are feeling. Listen to your body. It’s ok if it feels great to do both! This will get everything moving from your throat or face as there’s now somewhere for it to flow to.

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