How to Properly Prepare Grains

How to Properly Prepare White Rice on the GAPS Diet:

On the transition to the GAPS Intro diet, or at any time during the GAPS Intro diet, if you or your practitioner feel that your body is in need of some carbohydrates, this is a simple carbohydrate that many of us relate to. While it’s  not a whole grain, which generally we prefer, the husk of a whole grain can be harder to digest. White rice that’s been soaked is fairly easy to digest and fairly untroublesome for the gut.

Soak your rice overnight before using it in any recipe. Place in warm filtered water with 4 tbsp of yogurt or whey. Put a lid on the bowl and place on the counter overnight.

How to Properly Prepare Quinoa on the GAPS Diet:

As a non gluten grain, quinoa is one of the first grains we can try in coming off the GAPS Diet. It is a seed so as with all other seeds it should be properly prepared. Quinoa has never been my favorite, but most of the times I have eaten it in the past were before I understood about anti-nutrients. I wonder if quinoa used to give me a stomach ache and that’s why I didn’t care for it. This quinoa can be used as an exact substitution for any other quinoa recipe, including a cold quinoa salad or a quinoa pudding. 

Soak and sprout your quinoa 24 hours in advance. To sprout the quinoa, put the quinoa in filtered water (2 cups of quinoa to 4 cups of water.) Add in 2 tbsp of yogurt or whey. Leave on the counter covered for 24 hours.

How to Properly Prepare Wild Rice on the GAPS Diet:

Wild rice is not actually a grain. It’s actually the seed of a marsh growing plant. It’s pretty low in fat so it should be eaten with lots of fat. Because it falls into the seed family, wild rice can be eaten on the GAPS Diet. Of course, you should properly prepare it before eating it. I would serve it in place of white rice in many dishes, like in this fried rice recipe.

At least 7 hours before:

Rinse rice well.

Add 1.5 cups of wild rice to 3 cups of warm filtered water. Add 2-3 tbsp of whey or yogurt to the mix. Let sit in a warm place for at least seven hours.

When You’re Ready to Cook

Add water to cover, about half a liter. Cover and place in the oven at 200 degrees. Cook for 45 minutes.


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