How to do Liver Shots

A liver shot is so great for your body! It’s a quick way to get the important vitamins and minerals that liver provides for your body. Desiccated liver is also a great option since it is raw, dehydrated liver. However, desiccated liver can be cost prohibitive. Liver shots are far more cost effective (grass fed liver is around $3 a pound here.) Liver shots are also raw. ⅔ of the nutrients that liver contains are lost when you cook it. You won’t taste the liver at all!

Liver shots are very easy. Below are the five steps to taking liver shots.

  1. Ensure your liver has been deep frozen for two weeks when you purchase it. This will kill any worrisome pathogens. 
  2. Thaw the liver, then flash freeze it again. Ice crystals should be starting to form on the liver so it will hold its shape when you cut into it.
  3. Cut the liver into small, “swallowable” size pieces. The size piece will vary based on who is taking the liver shot. You will learn the best size that you want to cut them to.
  4. Lay out the liver individually on a cookie sheet or plate that will fit in your freezer.
  5. Each day, pull out a few of the pieces to swallow. Swallow them as quickly as possible. If it is too big to swallow, break it into pieces.

Have you tried taking liver shots?

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