How to do a Mullein Steam Tent

I learned about the Mullein steam tent when I had a respiratory / sinus infection. The strong and immediate relief I felt has made this my go-to for remedies. I never go through a respiratory illness without this! This is a remedy that can be used for any age, even newborns. 

Mullein is a plant growing in most communities around the world. There’s a good chance you even have some in your backyard! You can purchase this from an herb store. Two online stores I use frequently are the Bulk Herb Store and Rose Mountain Herbs. If you harvest your own, make sure to gather it from an area that has not been sprayed with pesticides. Once gathered, the leaves will dry in open air overnight or in about 8 hours. You could use also use this fresh if you need it quickly and then dry the rest for the future. 

Once completely dried, the leaves can be crumpled and stored in an airtight container with a shelf life of several years.  Again, because I have experienced the power of this remedy, I make sure to never run out!


Place 1 qt of water on the stove and heat to a boil with a lid on.

Add 2 heaping tablespoons of dried Mullein leaves to the mixture. Allow to steep on a low simmer for several minutes with a lid on. 

Set up your area. I use a blanket on the floor for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Make sure to bring water, tissues, and something to do as you want to be under the steam tent for 10-15 minutes or until the steam gets cool. Small children especially need things to keep them entertained so they stay under the tent as long as possible. 

Bring the pot with the lid on to your prepared area. Once you are under the tent, open the lid. The best steam comes immediately after opening the lid so be sure you are fully set up before opening the lid. Breathe deeply.

Remember that your body is producing mucus to rid itself of toxins so be sure to spit or blow out any mucus as it’s thinned and brought up. Do not swallow! 

If you are doing this with a small child, you should also be in the tent to keep them safe and keep them from burning themselves. Keep in mind that steam goes to the top of the tent so you need to sit low or lean over to allow them to be in the most potent part of the steam. 

The mullein mixture can be reheated and reused for 7-8 times. I recommend throwing it away on the third day.

You can use the tent multiple times a day depending on the severity of your symptoms. Most people find it helpful to do it at least twice a day early in the morning and before bed. 

Mullein is also a tea and you can drink it. Both methods are helpful to the body in different ways. 

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