How to Choose the Best Salt

Ah salt. This poor mineral has been demonized, much like fat, and many of us were taught it is unhealthy or leads to health problems like heart disease. In actuality, the “salt” used by many of us, especially fast food, that leads to these problems is extremely processed, often with chemicals, and bears little resemblance to natural salt. True sea salts contain many trace minerals that our body needs to be healthy and add flavor to our cooking.

Salt and the minerals found in it are important for many functions of our body like muscle function, balancing fluids in our bodies, helping our nervous system, balancing blood pressure, and killing harmful bacteria or inflammation in our body.

There are a variety of sea salts. Each salt has different benefits and it’s good to include a variety of them for well rounded health. Below are a few of my favorite salts that I use regularly and why I like them! 

Celtic Sea Salt:

Celtic Sea Salt might be the most recognizable natural salt. It’s been around for years! Celtic Sea Salt is sourced from Europe, Guatemala, and Hawaii. It’s unrefined and has the highest mineral content. It’s a very coarse salt that adds a rich flavor to dishes. It’s not a salt to keep in a shaker but definitely a salt to try!

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt comes from Pakistan, at the base of the Himalayan mountains. This is my preferred salt for fermentation because I’ve found the flavor that it adds to the fermented vegetables to be the best. It’s also available in very grains and fits well in a salt shaker.

Redmond Real Salt:

Real Salt comes from Utah. It has a medium range of mineral content because it’s from an ancient buried sea bed. You can even see the mine on their website! It’s a fine salt that fits well in salt shakers if you buy the larger bag or you can buy it in a shaker already. 

Baja Gold Sea Salt:

Baja Gold Salt comes from the Sea of Cortez. It’s dehydrated in the sun and is high in potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. It can help the body to detox and promote a feeling of calm. 

What salt is your favorite to use?

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