Gentle Detoxing with Grounding

There are many methods we use to gently detox our bodies from toxins—a holistic way to aid healing. This series explores each of them. We’ve covered oil pulling, detox baths, sunbathing, and enemas. Today, we’re covering grounding, also called earthing.


Detoxing helps take the load off our liver. Our liver does many things, one of which is to process toxins out of our bodies. In the simplest terms, toxins are anything that are not helpful to the body at that time. Gentle detoxing methods, including detox baths, can have a positive effect on symptoms triggered by inflammation: like allergic reactions, headaches, aches and pains, negative emotions, brain fog and fatigue.


Grounding is putting your body in direct contact with the earth and having skin to skin contact with dirt, soil, or water. Have you noticed that we just don’t seem to spend a lot of time in contact with the earth anymore? We spend a lot of time indoors or, when we are outside, we’re wearing shoes!

As we go about our lives, our bodies start to build up a positive charge. The earth has a negative charge. Putting our positive bodies in direct contact with the negative earth brings us back to a neutral zone.


Grounding is a detox because it allows your body to get rid of the high electro magnetic fields that we’re exposed to on a regular basis. Our bodies are electrical machines. Grounding and getting rid of the electro magnetic fields allows our bodies to function better.

Grounding is also thought to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is pain so decreasing inflammation overall will decrease pain.

Other benefits from spending time grounding are thought to be lowering stress, improving sleep, and providing an increase in energy.


Grounding is very simple and you already have everything you need! There’s no fancy equipment to buy – all you need is yourself and some earth. Simply take off your socks and shoes and walk outside barefoot! All you need to ground well is to keep your body in direct contact with the earth. Spending just a few minutes a day grounding is very beneficial but you can spend as long as feels right to you.

Grounding is a detox! To maximize your benefits from any detox, find the one that you enjoy the most and that brings you the most benefit. As with all detoxing methods and caring for your body, emphasize grounding in your schedule.


If you’re looking for more information about grounding and it’s benefits, check out this article from Wellness Mama or this article from Dr. Jockers. The video below is also a great resource!

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