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GAPS OnCon was February 17-19 and it was amazing! The conference emphasized 3 body systems: Endocrine (hormones!), Immunity, and Cardiovascular. Some of our favorite people presented, and my (Hollie’s) course on Baby GAPS and Amy’s course on Getting Started on GAPS were featured! 

If you missed OnCon, tickets are still available for purchase here until March 3rd, 2022. I encourage you to purchase and watch the videos. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride opened each day with amazing lectures, preaching the wonder of our bodies and how we can support them most effectively to do their jobs. 

On day one, she discussed the wonderful world of fevers and viruses. Viruses are important to help our bodies cleanse from toxins, parasites and cancer cells, and the increase in mucous, that typically accompanies a virus, helps to move these out of the body! She described how fevers are one of the strongest tools that your immune system has. If you develop a fever, it shows that your immune system is strong enough to fight against invaders! Unfortunately, nowadays people want to suppress the brilliance of the body by inappropriately reducing temperature and using medications to stop viral symptoms. When medications interfere, the toxins, parasites and cancer cells are not removed from the body. The virus then will not process out and it becomes chronic. We need to remember that our bodies are smart. They do not simply “mess up.” When you are experiencing symptoms, it is for a reason. Do you suppress or do you listen and support?

Dr. Natasha went on to talk about vaccines, cardiac health, thyroid and adrenals, stress management, supplements and food support, and of course, how amazing the GAPS Nutritional Protocol is for healing all of these areas. 

On a very practical cooking level:

Monica Corrado gave an excellent cooking demonstration for incorporating endocrine glands into your family’s diet, while eliminating endocrine disruptors. The last day of the conference she showed how to bring heart onto your family’s table. Monica has such a passion surrounding health and cooking that is contagious. If you are feeling stuck or bored with cooking, I definitely recommend her videos. 

James Barry spoke about incorporating organ meats into your family’s diet easily. At Be Well Clinic, we are always talking about organ meats – liver, heart, spleen, tongue, etc. James gives some great examples of how to use these organs! Personally, I love raw frozen liver, but when it comes to the other organs, they can sometimes be hard to incorporate. If you need ideas, such as jerky, burgers, pate, spices and more, check out this webinar replay. 

Our very own Amy Mihaly gave a fantastic presentation on emotions and how they factor into healing. If you’ve ever heard Amy speak about emotions in the past, you know you will not want to miss this one. She showed how emotions and the body affect one another, and how to use this relationship to promote healing rather than delay it. If you have been experiencing shame, grief, fear, hopelessness, numbness, anger, etc, it is especially important to learn how to progress your emotions in order to bring healing to your mind and body. If you are feeling stuck in your healing, please do not miss this talk. (Personally, listening to Amy speak reminded me about how truth factors into healing. Speaking truths, even small ones like “my pinky toe does not hurt today,” will help to elevate your emotional frequency and elevate your physical healing – if you are a patient of mine, you have probably heard me talk more about emotions since I listened to Amy’s presentation!)

Our colleague Amber Currie discussed the role of homeopathy in health. She asked listeners if they have ever felt fearful about their health. Have you? Have you been afraid of illness? Homeopathy goes hand-in-hand with the Be Well Clinic belief that we do not need to fear our bodies, but rather we need to understand and support them. Homeopathy does just this – it helps your body have greater understanding and support in becoming healthier in mind and body. Homeopathy and GAPS work closely together. If you need additional support in your healing journey, homeopathy might be just the thing. Amber talked about numerous symptoms such as fevers, skin issues, salt cravings, fatigue, acne, indigestion, anxiety, insecurity and lack of trust and much, much more – all of which can be helped by homeopathy. 

Bonnie Eason, another of our favorite colleagues, gave an eye-opening talk about the world of reflexes. If your child is part of our Newborn Wellness Package, you probably have been to see Bonnie. If not, watch her webinar to be amazed by how reflexes work to affect so many parts of our development, physical and mental health. Bonnie spoke about several specific reflexes and how they come into play with ADHD, bladder and bowel control, coordination of legs and core, fear, anxiety, motion sickness, poor healing, suppressed immunity, and so much more. If any of these resonate with you about yourself or a family member, I’d highly recommend watching Bonnie’s talk and reaching out for reflex integration work.

There were so many other wonderful presentations by Stephanie Seneff, Mary Ruddick, Michael Gaeta and so many more brilliant colleagues of ours. 

If you are looking to support your family’s health as best as you can, remember that you can still access these webinars for a limited time. Head to the OnCon Website to buy your tickets now!

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