Everything Comes Down to Poo

You know the song from ‘Scrubs’ – Everything Comes Down to Poo?

Well… it really does!

Everything about your poop is an important indication of your health.

So how do we know if our poop is healthy? There’s a chart called the Bristol Stool Chart. It categorizes different types of poo. What you’re looking for is a type of 3 or 4 on the scale. It should be a sausage shape, hold together and come out easily. You should also have at least one poop a day.

Poop is also an important gut health indication for those following the GAPS Diet. Your poop is a direct correlation of your digestive health so what it looks like is an indication of when you can progress through the stages.

Being aware of your poop and what is normal for you is an important part of tracking your health. Sudden changes can indicate something that is important to talk to your health practitioner about. 

So – keep it regular!

As we go,


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