Coronavirus: What You Can do About it!

I imagine that, like mine, your last month or so has been full of fighting fears and wondering about the future. Between the coronavirus that has been globally spreading, to censorship and legislation that has been threatening our personal and parental freedoms, this has been easy to do. This, of course, is on top of the normal fear and pressure of inadequacy we can feel every time we scroll social media or turn on the news.

I hope you will forgive me if this post is strong. And I want to make clear that I am by no means judging you! In fact, I am angry and fed up with the many manipulative powers that seem to care so little for you! Because I care for you a lot!

I cannot singlehandedly bring those powers down, but I can help you out of their clutches! And that is what today’s email is about… how you can be safe, and out of the power of evil people and organizations.

First, I want to clarify that I know that there are things in this world that are unsafe. I am not suggesting that you are making up hard and scary things. This world is broken, the future is unsure, and evil people do exist. As in the great literary epics, we are in the great story of life; where deeds of daring are possible because the characters are faced with challenges that push them to their limits. But the reason we stand an applaud them is because we recognize the greatness and courage it took to stand up and fight, especially when every opportunity and excuse could be given to not engage, or to hide away.

But much like the epics, much of the power of evil is found in fear. It was the fear of the name of Voldemort (not his direct presence itself) that caused many good wizards to be silent or turn a blind eye when good needed to be fought for in Harry Potter. It was the fear of the name Mordor that prevented many good people from joining the battle against evil in Lord of the Rings. And it is the same fear that hangs over us as well.

These fears are based in facts: Voldemort was evil and powerful, Mordor had great strength and evil purpose. But many people in those tales were not oppressed by the literal strength of these powers, but rather by the fear of those evils. And today I would like to suggest to you several ways you can free yourself from the oppression and slavery of fear!


While historically news was arguably more unbiased and it’s general purpose was to inform, today’s news (no matter which channel) has an agenda, and that agenda is often underlaid with fear. If you just must know what’s happening in the world, skim the highlights of the day’s news articles, and do so not more than once a day!

#2 Stop reading comments on social media!

I can fall into this trap, but it always leaves me fighting fears and discouraged about humanity. Realize that many people who comment are either paid to further an agenda (trolls), or are living in fear themselves and their comments reflect their fears rather than facts. Just say no to reading comments. And limit your reading of commentaries to people you know are experts in the field and who themselves do not respond in fear.

#3 Put it into perspective!

When you read or hear about something that causes fear to rise in you, stop! Think about what it really means to you.

Take the coronavirus, for example. This is a cold virus that happens to have a name. It is just like a cold to everyone except those who are immunocompromised or elderly (just like every other illness). It spreads like any other contagious disease, and because of our global world, that means it is spreading around the world (just like every other disease). Do you have a strong immune system? Then you will be fine! Do you have a weak immune system? They you should work on that! With a weak immune system you are likely to get many viruses (and statistically not coronavirus!). So in the end, from a health perspective, you should either be unworried by this virus (just like all the other viruses you are daily exposed to), or you should have a resolve to strengthen your immune system!

#4 Take action steps!

-In the words of W. Clement Stone:

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”

When you do come across something difficult or fear-bringing, think in terms of what you can do! This concept is also reflected in the idea put down by Steven Covey: what is within your ability to respond? This is your response-ability! We can only control things inside our ability to respond, and worrying about things outside that circle only leads to wasted energy expenditure!

Here are some ideas about things within your response-ability to recent political, global, and health events:

  • Become less dependent on the global economy and buy at least your essentials from locally-produced sources
  • Boost your immune system by eating nutrient dense foods such as meat stock, animal fat, fermented vegetables, fermented cod liver oil, etc. daily
  • Stop eating processed carbs, chemicals, and fake foods
  • Go outside (preferably while walking or doing some other activity)
  • Call or write your Senator or Congressman
  • Spend time with people in person
  • Read a book about immunology so you can better understand the spread of disease
  • Present facts, hope, or change the subject when fear comes up in conversation
  • Study the work of Bechamp and the Cellular or Host Theory (get started here)
  • Learn more about homeoprophylaxis (we have a class!)
  • Share your fears with someone who can assist you with tools to help. This may be an older friend, a counselor, or even me! Think of someone that makes sense to you, and reach out for support.
  • Delete social media apps off your phone
  • Find a subject that interests you and study it. Join an interest group (maybe a Meetup group?). Your brain has to be thinking of something, so give it something productive to think about!

I know you all are brilliant and will come up with many more ideas! If you have an amazing one, please share it with us so we can pass it on to others!

(To read more amazing quotes about action and fear, check out this article!)

#5 Let go of the things you can’t control

What about the things that are not within your response-ability, but do affect you?

For example, even if you don’t worry about it, China’s economic difficulties may eventually trickle down to you (by the way they would even if you do worry about it). Or how, even with all the proper preparation, you or someone you know will eventually get sick. What to do then?

This point can be difficult, especially for us pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps, independent Americans. But the truth is that many things are outside of our control. So what then?

First off, when your habit becomes taking action (see #4), you will feel better about the things you can’t control, because you will have proved to yourself that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you will have some amount of ability to respond (response-ability) and that you are never helpless.

Second, sometimes all that is left for you to do is to pray and trust. This great story of life does have one (or more) evil villains, but there is also power on the side of good. My relationship with God, knowing that He is a good and caring Father who will be with me no matter what hardships I walk though, is why I am able to live in life and courage, instead of under the burden and slavery of fear. And I LOVE talking about God, so whether you know Him already, or not, please give me a call if you want to talk!

You are all so dear to me, and I hope that these reminders are helpful to you!

Remember, you are amazing! You are loved! And you are not alone. We are in this journey together!



P.S. Here are more thoughts I wrote a while back about living in an epic.

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