Changes with Hollie and Northglenn

You may have heard chatter about some upcoming changes with Hollie and the Northglenn office. Well, we’re not sure what exactly you have heard, but there are some big changes coming up! Read on to learn what is happening and what you can expect over the next several months!

Changes with Hollie

In May, Hollie and her family are planning to move to east Tennessee to build a homestead in the beautiful Smoky Mountains! They have many exciting plans including becoming self-sustainable by raising and growing their own food, living in a yurt (for a while at least!), and creating a space where others can come to rest, nourish and heal.

With all of this said, Hollie is not leaving Be Well Clinic, she is just transitioning to provide care fully remote (via phone and video). For many of you working with Hollie this will not change anything – you’ll still be able to have your phone and video calls as you’ve been used to doing. Hollie will still be providing nutritional therapy, follow up consultations, baby nutrition support, sick line support and more.

If you would like to follow Hollie’s family on their journey, you can follow her instagram page @rootedtablenutrition. She plans to share much of her family’s journey all the way from selling their Denver house, to driving across the country with 3 littles, to purchasing acreage and creating a beautiful haven for her family and community.

Changes with our Northglenn clinic

We have had 2+ years in our Northglenn location and it has been simply wonderful. This location has allowed us to serve more of the Denver metro area as well as families living further south. Having office space alongside Kindred Chiropractic and Joyful Breathing Colorado has provided such wonderful resources for many of our patients.

Because of how much we love our colleagues and patients, we are not leaving Northglenn, but our hours will be significantly reduced for the time being, while we work on hiring another in-person primary care practitioner. Amy will still come down to Northglenn once monthly for primary care appointments, as she has been doing for the past few years.

How do these changes affect you?

The goal of Be Well Clinic staff and practitioners is to make this transition as seamless as possible for all of our patients. (We actually think that most of you will not even realize it is happening, since Hollie has been working toward becoming more and more remote over the past year!)

The main differences coming up on May 1st are:

  1. Hollie will no longer see any patients in person

  • Hollie will still see some patients in person in April but time slots are filling up quickly, so make sure you schedule as soon as possible if you’d like to get in a final in-person appointment with her!

  1. We will not have supplements available for purchase outside of appointment time.

    • Supplements can still be purchased during appointment time with Amy in Northglenn, and during normal hours at the Loveland office.

    • If you would like to set up a Patient Direct account so that you can order your Standard Process supplements to be shipped directly to your home, please use THIS LINK and use the code 6V9PZG to request an account. Please note that only current nutrition or primary care patients will be approved for an account, so don’t send this to your friends and family…we won’t approve them!

Please know that even with the changes, we are still committed to providing the same excellent care that you have been used to for however long you have been with us at Be Well Clinic.

If you have any questions regarding your care through this transition, please feel free to contact the Loveland office.

Thank you all for being part of the Be Well Clinic Community! We’re thankful for every one of you!

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