Fermented Foods


Curtido is a Salvadorian ferment, similar to sauerkraut. It tastes like a milder sauerkraut so it can be a great option for those who don’t like the cabbage flavor of sauerkraut. The basis is still cabbage but you add onions, some kind of hot pepper, and carrots. As with all ferments, you want to get …

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What is switchel? Switchel is a fermented lemon/ginger drink that is especially refreshing during the summer when working in the heat! The fermented aspect provides probiotics for the gut, the apple cider vinegar helps you be able to drink greater amounts without feeling bloated, and the lemon and ginger help hydrate you more effectively! Plus, …

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GAPS Friendly Homemade Yogurt

Let’s make yogurt! Around here we are very into fermented and cultured foods. Not only are they delicious but they are so full of probiotics, vitamins and minerals that are easy for our bodies to utilize!  Fermented and cultured foods can seem intimidating to those who have not made them, but once you’ve started in …

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Honey Fermented Garlic

What is the difference between fermented garlic and honey fermented garlic? The difference is mostly sweetness, but fermented garlic uses a saltwater brine, whereas honey garlic uses the liquid from the garlic cloves combined with the live enzymes and microbes in the honey to ferment. Both are very useful to support the immune system, but …

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Kid Friendly Rainbow Ferment

One of the best ways to get kids excited about eating real food is to make it fun! You can do this by making the preparation or cooking process fun, giving it a fun name, or making the presentation fun, like eating “Ants on a Log”. When giving fermented food to your children, it’s best …

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Fermented Ginger Carrots

These are a kid favorite!  This recipe is based on the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook but I’ve found most kids prefer carrots sliced rather than grated. If you’re new to fermenting, read this section first! Otherwise, skip down to the recipe.  Jars: I prefer using wide mouth jars for almost everything because small mouth jars are …

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