Natural Electrolyte Drink Recipe

There are many reasons why an electrolyte drink may be needed. You or your child is sick and is getting dehydrated. You’ve spend a lot of time outside in the hot sun. You haven’t been getting enough minerals through your diet so your cells are dehydrated. In each of these cases, you will find this …

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What is switchel? Switchel is a fermented lemon/ginger drink that is especially refreshing during the summer when working in the heat! The fermented aspect provides probiotics for the gut, the apple cider vinegar helps you be able to drink greater amounts without feeling bloated, and the lemon and ginger help hydrate you more effectively! Plus, …

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Honey Sweetened Lemonade

Lemonade is more than just a delicious beverage! The acidity and sweetness are perfect to rehydrate you on a hot day.  You can take this basic lemonade recipe and add some salt to make it even more of an electrolyte replacement. You could also add some fresh berries, cucumber, or mint to add additional flavoring.  …

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