Holistic Healthcare

Emotional Care is Becoming More Necessary

Because we believe that we are all one person… physical, spiritual, and emotional beings all in one. When I (Amy) first started studying healing, I started with the physical. After all, isn’t that what needs to be healed… our physical bodies? But as I helped my body heal, and worked with more and more patients I realized that focusing on physical symptoms is not enough. That’s because we aren’t just physical beings. Our physical bodies are constantly being influenced by emotions… either our emotions and feelings, or the emotions from people around us.

Digestion is Fundamental to Nutritional Healing

When we talk about health, our first stop must be the digestive system – not only the basic organs and where food goes, but also the several key “big ideas” of digestion, what can go wrong, and how to simply correct these problems to avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatment. This is an important topic for everyone to understand, but especially for parents to know how to assess and help their children when it comes to gastro-intestinal issues.

True Science in Everyday Life

Simply put, science is knowledge about, or study of the natural world, based on facts learned through experiments and observation. The method we use in science is: Observe, question, hypothesize, experiment, analyze and conclude. Remember talking about the scientific method as a child? As a society, but also as individuals, we need to get back to understanding the importance of following the scientific method ourselves and teaching our children to be scientists.

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