Action Conquers Fear

“Action conquers fear.” -Peter Nivio Zarlenga I read this inspirational quote for the first time a while back, and it stuck with me–it was what I needed just then. Fear Maybe you don’t think you are fearful person. Or you’re afraid that you are. Fear manifests in many different ways. It is not just being jumpy, …

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Real Hope (Jesus)

Many days I do not have the strength to believe that tomorrow will be better. Many days I do not posses the ability to believe that hope is something available to me. And, to be honest, there ultimately is no hope without the hope that God gave us in Jesus. Because the ultimate source of …

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The Patriotic One

God Bless America… Earlier this week we celebrated America’s Independence Day. An opportunity to be patriotic just for being American! I consider myself quite patriotic, but the current state of our politics often stunts my patriotic heart-swelling. But for one day I joined with others as we let our hearts swell away! I love this …

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