Take Courage

I had an interesting week last week. For the first time in a while, my body stopped me in my tracks. I’m not saying that I’ve had symptom-free days every day for the last few months. I have had the occasional headache, been sick with colds, and felt the effect of too much detox or …

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Action Against Fear

Last week I shared some of my thoughts about an inspiring quote. You can read it here. Today, let’s talk about some practicals. How does fear really affect us? Can we really overcome it? What does it have to do with health, or GAPS, or healing ?The principle of “action conquers fear” can be applied …

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Action Conquers Fear

“Action conquers fear.” -Peter Nivio Zarlenga I read this inspirational quote for the first time a while back, and it stuck with me–it was what I needed just then. Fear Maybe you don’t think you are fearful person. Or you’re afraid that you are. Fear manifests in many different ways. It is not just being jumpy, …

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