Ways to Eat Eggs on the GAPS Diet

Dr. Natasha recommends that a child eats between three and six egg yolks a day and an adult should eat six to twelve. You may consume the whites with this if you are tolerating them or simply use the yolk only.

Egg whites are best eaten cooked. They are very detoxifying when they’re raw and when they’re raw, they require a lot of things to properly digest them. All the necessary things needed for digestion are in egg yolks so it’s important to consume the egg whites and egg yolks at the same time. Egg yolks are best eaten raw or very lightly cooked. This keeps the fragile nutrients inside egg yolks intact.

If you are having digestive issues, you should eat egg whites cooked only. After you have healed, you can consume raw egg whites.*

*Eating uncooked or raw eggs or feeding raw eggs to your pets can pose a risk to your health.


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