Homemade Gummy Snacks

Vitamin C and collagen work together to build healthy cells and mucus membranes, as well as healthy joints and skin. Anything with a structure needs vitamin c alongside collagen. These gummies are a good way for both children and adults to get collagen and vitamin c together! These gummies are stage five legal on the GAPS Diet because they are cooked fruit.

I got the basics proportions for this recipe from Integrative Health Coaching Services and modified it to fit my own needs. Depending on what proportions you use, the chart included on the Integrative Health Coaching Services website can help you decide how many gelatin squares to eat. If your children really love these gummies, you can decrease the amount of acerola cherry powder so that they can consume more gummy treats. These can also be great ABA technique rewards to get your child to eat the foods you want them to eat.

I recommend experimenting with adding other things like probiotic powders,and other supplements in these gummies. Just make sure you add anything live when the gummies are not too hot. Wait until the later stages when the mixture is cool enough so you don’t kill it. 

I once made a bold choice and experimented with adding dessicated liver in a quest to figure out what other supplements can be added to the mixture. I don’t think liver was the best choice. There’s nothing wrong with consuming them; they just smell and taste like liver, which isn’t the flavor profile you’d expect. 

I made strawberry gummies but you could also make any berry into a gummy. Other fruit, like apples and bananas, will not work to make gummies at home. Frozen berries are actually a great choice because they are picked ripe and frozen while in season. You could also harvest your own berries locally and freeze them yourself.


  • 1 heaping cup frozen berries

  • 1/2 Cup lemon juice

  • 1/4 Cup grass fed gelatin

  • 3-4 Tbsp.. Acerola cherry powder 

  • 1 tbsp honey



Add 1 heaping cup of frozen strawberries to a pot. Add enough water to cover the bottom. Turn the stove on to medium heat.

Help the berries break apart by stirring them with a spoon. 

When they start to get really soft, turn the stove to a low heat simmer.


Blend softened berries and lemon juice in a blender.


Once smooth, add back into pot. Add in gelatin and acerola cherry powder. Whisk well for about ten minutes until all combined.

Add honey at the end so that you are not cooking the honey.


Pour into a glass baking dish.

If you are adding a probiotic powder, make sure your mixture is cooled enough to where you can easily leave a finger in it before adding the powder. This will ensure you do not kill the probiotics.


Set in fridge to chill. Gummies should be chilled in about 40 minutes. Slice around the sides and cut into cubes to remove from glass pan.