Birthday Cake

In celebration of my friend’s birthday, I made an “Amazingly Delicious Carrot Cake” (that’s what the recipe was called, at least) from the “Heal Your Gut Cookbook.” I am so excited to have found such a delicious-looking recipe, and if the batter is any indication, the cake is going to be delicious. I will not be able to tell you how it tastes until tomorrow… I am quite nervous, actually, because this is my first attempt at a GAPS legal cake.

One ingredient in it that I have never even heard of *gasp, I know* is coconut butter (or coconut manna–they can be used interchangeably). This is not a more expensive version of coconut oil, as I first thought, but a coconut puree. I bought a jar (a bit pricey) at our local health food grocery store, or you can make your own.

Coconut butter is very sweet, and can be used as a little sweet snack. However, because there is more fiber, and it is much sweeter than coconut oil, if you are following GAPS, you should not introduce it until Introduction stage 6 or full GAPS. But if you can tolerate it, I would recommend trying this delicious coconut treat!

Sometimes I wonder why we even want to eat processed sugar, this cake is going to be so rich, moist and delicious!

Sadly for you, this picture cannot portray the enticing aroma I am experiencing! You will just have to try it out for yourself!

The cake is done & out of the oven!

It looks and smells delicious! I am going to stack the cakes, and drizzle them with a frosting consisting of cultured cream, lemon zest, vanilla and honey–yum!!!

*If you want to make this delicious cake, you can find it in The Heal Your Gut Cookbook. For you locals, I keep copies available for purchase!

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