Starting a business while still fairly new to the GAPS diet. That’s a great idea… Said no one ever!


After a lifetime of taking care of people, 5 years of undergraduate work to become a nurse, 4 more years of graduate school to become a family nurse practitioner, and almost 6 years of dietary research for my own personal health reasons.

I was introduced to the GAPS diet less than a year ago, but because of the many answers I found in the science that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains, I quickly and naturally adapted it into my approach to healing. I did not have to learn a lot of new information, because this is a simple but comprehensive approach to the health issues rocking our nation. And I have been so excited to find a path of knowledge and research that has answered some deep questions I had developed, and answered many others I had not yet formed.

And so, it was born… and here is optimistic me looking forward to making an impact in the (un)health of the people that God puts in my path to help.

Are you wanting to join me on this journey? Onward!

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