Author name: Amy Mihaly

Emotional Care is Becoming More Necessary

Because we believe that we are all one person… physical, spiritual, and emotional beings all in one. When I (Amy) first started studying healing, I started with the physical. After all, isn’t that what needs to be healed… our physical bodies? But as I helped my body heal, and worked with more and more patients I realized that focusing on physical symptoms is not enough. That’s because we aren’t just physical beings. Our physical bodies are constantly being influenced by emotions… either our emotions and feelings, or the emotions from people around us.

GAPS OnCon2022

GAPS OnCon was February 17-19 and it was amazing! The conference emphasized 3 body systems: Endocrine (hormones!), Immunity, and Cardiovascular. Some of our favorite people presented, and my (Hollie’s) course on Baby GAPS and Amy’s course on Getting Started on GAPS were featured!  If you missed OnCon, tickets are still available for purchase here until …

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