Author name: Amy Mihaly

Fermented Beef Casserole

Most people think you are allowed to eat soups on the first few stages of the GAPS Protocol. However, casseroles are also encouraged! For the GAPS Protocol, a casserole is defined as a large cut of meat with a bone or joint, alongside vegetables that are all cooked together slowly in the oven. This casserole …

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How to Make Fish Stock

Fish stock will give you different nutrients than other types of stock. However, if you live in an area where finding fresh fish is difficult, don’t fret. You can still heal on the GAPS Protocol without eating fish stock. I recommend making fish stock during good weather when you can have the windows open as …

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What is a healthy fat?

In our practice, we recommend eating a lot of healthy fats. Read on for what healthy fats are and scroll down to the bottom to see more resources about fat. When we are talking about healthy fats within our clinic and on this blog, we are talking about saturated fat, primarily from animal sources. This …

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