Action Against Fear

Last week I shared some of my thoughts about an inspiring quote. You can read it here. Today, let’s talk about some practicals. How does fear really affect us? Can we really overcome it? What does it have to do with health, or GAPS, or healing ?The principle of “action conquers fear” can be applied in every area of our lives.

Like in the things you put off…

Why don’t you try a new recipe? Why don’t you take that next step in bettering your health? Why don’t you stop something you hate, or start something you love. If you follow it to the root, you will probably find that some form of “Iam afraid” is somewhere in your reasoning.

You are not alone. The culture around us loves to manipulate us through fear. Insurance, vaccines, “a blizzard is coming,” home security systems and more all play on our fear. Media is excellent at invoking a fear response in us. The next time you turn on the news, ask yourself what they want you to hear in this story? Then pay attention to what you find yourself thinking.  

You are not alone.

So what is your action step? What can you do against the noise and pressure around you? Is there anything you can do? Start with this simple step…


No one needs help being afraid–we do it pretty well by ourselves. So stop letting other people make you more afraid. Quiet their voices or limit your time around them. Get angry at them if you need to. But stop listening! Turn the news off. Steer your conversations (on-line and off-line) to encouraging topics.

And don’t forget the voices inside your head! When negative self-talk, or someone’s disapproving words are etched in your memories, they affect you. Instead of the negative, make the goodt hings others have said about you your primary voices. Our minds and bodies are both part of us, so taking care of our emotional and spiritual health are also important. I talk more about this in another post.

On a physical note, many toxins and imbalances can enhance our fear, or inhibit our hopefulness. While it is possible to defeat our fears and choose hope, despite our bodies, things like sleeping enough, eating the right food, and managing our stress can make the fight easier. You can read more about it in this post.

So do it. Take action. And go, Onward!

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