2021 Visions

2020 brought so many opportunities for growth! For many reasons, people became more interested in learning about their bodies and nutrition and began to take an active role in their own health – which is AWESOME! 2020 also brought a lot of growth for our clinic. Our mission has always been to help you be empowered in understanding your body and working with your body on a journey of health. Because we grew so much, we needed to change a few things.

The video below shares more about our background and journey and shares some of the changes that are coming to the clinic in the new year. Scroll down to get a brief overview but we recommend listening to the video as well!

-Amy and Hollie

The Denver Clinic

Our first area of growth?

Our Denver Clinic and our new practitioner, Hollie! Hollie has a great background in traditional and nutritional health. She can work with you while you’re on the GAPS Diet. She can also work with families for preconception, prenatal and postnatal nutritional coaching, so whether you are thinking of starting your family, pregnant, or anywhere else on the stages of parenthood you can work with Hollie for family nutritional coaching. This will help your family learn more about food overall even if you don’t have specific symptoms you are working on.

Well Child Appointments currently are only done at the Loveland Clinic because of the differences in the licenses that Hollie and I carry. Additionally, if you want to list us as your Primary Care practitioners, you must have an initial establishing care visit with Amy in Loveland. Once you’re established as a patient, you can usually be seen by either of us or have either of us answer any questions. If you are in need of same day care, give us a call and you might be able to talk to either Hollie or myself.


Education is empowering, and our mission is to empower you to make choices for yourself and family.  Wisdom about caring yourself and your family that would have been traditionally passed down in a culture are not taught in our society. This is not your fault! We want to help. 

As we’ve grown, I (Amy) have needed to define the philosophy of what we believe by creating classes, blog posts, videos, and more. This knowledge is shared both with clients like you and other practitioners. You may have noticed that I have reduced my patient time a little. This allows me to have the time to put towards those educational pieces. The foundation of learning about the body, about what food does, and about what nutrition does in our body is the principle of our practice and we want to focus on getting that information out to lots of people.


Last year we increased the prices for several services, and these were the prices that patients new to our practice have been paying for several months. If you have been with our practice for a while we have continued your current rates. We are now transitioning everyone to the rates listed on our website.

Additional new patient change: We’ve also expanded the time alloted for initial appointments related to GAPS or nutritional counseling in order to better answer questions and share knowledge. 

For legacy patients, more information about these rate changes can be found here. These changes will take effect on February 1, 2021. Please listen to us discuss this on the video. We want to be able to remain open and provide you with quality education and care, and we appreciate your committment to us and this community.

GAPS Support Calls

Every Thursday afternoon, Amy hosts a live video call talking about nutrition through the framework of GAPS. Everyone takes turns asking questions for 40 minutes. Anyone can be on these calls, whether or not you are on GAPS, as our subject matter relates to food and nutrition. These calls are included in Support Packages or you can add them for $50 a month.

Social Media

You may have noticed that we have changed some of our social media handles. We now have separate accounts on Instagram for the Denver and Loveland accounts. There may be some overlap between what is shared on both accounts but mostly each account will focus on the services offered and specifics of that clinic, like upcoming classes.

You can also follow me at bewellwithamy to learn more about what I’m learning as it relates to food, nutrition, and the body. 

We have also seen natural healthcare getting suppressed in social media. If our accounts are suddenly shut down or censored, we will continue to send our newsletters to keep in contact with all of you. I strongly suggest you subscribe if you have not already. I’ll also remain teaching on YouTube for as long as I can.

If you are a current patient, you can also connect with us on PracticeBetter. PracticeBetter does a lot of cool things like keep an electronic medical record and patient portal for you. You can book appointments, or chat with Naomi for supplement orders, or ask questions to your practitioner. Your practitioner chats stay in your HIPPA compliant patient file and are an easy way for us to answer questions quickly. (Remember – Facebook is NOT HIPPA compliant! Please do not send us health information through social media!)  We have added different education modules, like Fever Care, where you can learn on your own time. We can send out broadcasts, like if our locations are closed for an emergency or holiday. PracticeBetter also has a private, not censored patient chat where you can connect with others who believe what you do. Come join us at the family table where we can talk more freely!

Thank you so much for hanging in with us as we bring one more change to your life. Hopefully these changes will be only for the better, as we work to provide you with care and knowledge that will help you and your children be healthy in this uncertain world!

And when you have the time, please watch the video linked above! It is so difficult to fully express emotion, care and excitement in words alone, and the video contains so much more than these outlined facts. I would be so happy to know that you have understood our hearts!

As we journey together,



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