Be Well Clinic is a holistic and integrative healthcare clinic in Northern Colorado.


Our Holistic Health Services

We believe in empowering you to take control of your own health.

We offer well child physicals for children from newborn to 18 years, school and sport physicals, support on the GAPS Protocol, and nutritional counseling and support for families, adult individuals, and children at our clinic in Loveland, Colorado.

Real food recipes on our blog

We believe food should do more than taste good. We believe in cooking and eating real, wholesome, nutritious food. We create recipes in line with traditional health wisdom. Not sure they’re delicious? We dare you to try one (or several)!

Our real food recipes are GAPS Legal, as well as being Paleo, Keto, WAPF, and Whole30 friendly.


Join us at an event

Our Northern Colorado clinic frequently hosts holistic and integrative health classes, workshops, talks, and meetings. We teach on everything from food preparation and fermentation to natural hormone management and mindsets for wellness success, and more. Additionally, we offer weekly in-person and virtual support meetings for those following the GAPS Diet.

Get Started on the gaps Diet

Thinking of starting the GAPS Diet? The GAPS healing protocol goes above and beyond an elimination diet. This protocol focuses on foods and habits that have deep healing potential. Great for addressing most health issues, this healing protocol is considered to be the most efficient way to heal a leaky gut by many prominent natural health practitioners.

We offer a guided hands-on program to ease your family into using the GAPS principles that bring better health.


Books, Journals and Support Materials

Our books and journals will help you track and understand your symptoms on your journey for better health. These journals are great for anyone on the GAPS Diet, however they are beneficial for anyone who seeks to understand the link between their diet and their symptoms.

We are constantly developing new support materials to better support you on your health journey.