Nutritional Support with Be Well Clinic

What is Nutritional Support?

Simply put, nutritional support is identifying what the body needs and providing it through real, properly-prepared, nutrient-dense foods.

At Be Well Clinic, we believe that in order to heal, we must give our bodies the foods that contain the nutrients they need. When our bodies have enough of the nutrients needed, amazing healing can take place: diagnoses reversed, lifelong aches and pains withdrawn, chronic depression and anxiety lifted. 

We do believe that there are fundamental health truths that apply to every person. However, we also know that everyone is unique. A food that is supportive to one may be harmful to another. Only when we know which foods our bodies need at specific times, and which foods cause additional stress on our bodies, can we truly support our health.

Nutritional Consultation

For individuals who want some guidance with their nutrition and then want to have the flexibility to progress by themselves with support as needed. 

Start with a 2-hour initial appointment to address concerns, review history, formulate a plan of care. 

1 30-min follow up is built in to the initial consultation package. After this, patients schedule individual 30- or 60-minute appointments as needed. 

You can make an appointment any time, as practitioner schedules allow.

Nutritional Healing Program

This is for individuals who are ready to dive in and make some changes, and need consistent support, structure and accountability. 

The first step is our Level 1 program. Level 1 is 12-weeks long. After these 12 weeks your practitioner and you determine whether to continue at level 1 on a month to month basis or to progress to level 2. 

During level 1 you have 12 1:1 appointments with a certified GAPS practitioner and 3 1:1 appointments with an emotional work practitioner. You will follow a curriculum to help you grow in your understanding of how the body works, how to utilize food for health and how to understand symptoms and support the body through detox. Your plan of care will grow with you as you progress through the program depending on your week-to-week needs as your body heals. 

Level 1 starts on the first Monday of each month. (Monthly registration is limited!)

I’m Still Not Sure…

If you aren’t sure which option is best for your needs right now, that’s ok! Schedule a free 15-minute inquiry call and one of our practitioners will be happy to help you decide what is best for you!

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