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Notes From a GAPS Practitioner:

Using Diet to Unlock the Body’s Healing Secrets

Learn now the body heals, and what diet has to do with it. 

This book is helpful to anyone who wants to have better health. Learn about food categories, why your body needs them, and how you can know what your body needs.

-Great for anyone—you don’t have to be on GAPS to read it!

Additional Titles Coming Soon!

My Daily Insights Journal Series

This journal allows you to start tracking your symptoms at any time. Otherwise it has the same format as the journal above. On each page you will note your daily symptoms, record your food intake, check off your completed tasks, and take a minute to encourage your heart so you can continue on the journey you have chosen.

Write in your own date for a flexible, anytime start.

This journal provides a streamlined approach to track each and every detail that you should monitor while on your health journey. Whether you are healing on your own, or working with a practitioner, it’s an invaluable tool. Designed for those following the GAPS nutritional healing protocol, but can be used for anyone!

January 1 start date with an additional opportunity for community.

More Options Coming in 2018

Journal line expansion planed for 2018: Journals for Families, Moms, Athletes, and more!
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